Jan 15, 2023    Ryan Kibbe

Message: Anchored

Speaker: Ryan Kibbe


9:00 am

Everyone goes through storms. When you are in one it’s important to remember that God is always for you and there is a divine purpose for you, in you and through you on the other side of that storm.

Jesus faced storms too. And He had a habit of calming them while sleeping through them. Why? Because He knew Who He Was and Is. His peace does that because He is the Prince of Peace.

When the adverse winds of life rage at us, He is the “Anchor” for us. Eternity has that affect on any believer in Christ. The Bible says we are “anchored” in another world: His!

This Sunday, Ryan Kibbe unpacks a timeless truth from Acts 27: Your purpose and your significance in Christ is stronger than any storm - because it isn’t just what you and I are going THROUGH - but Who and where we are going to! Eternity with Him. 

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