Oct 30, 2022    Ryan Kibbe, Hope Kibbe, Elevation Church Staff


Dear Elevation Family,

10 years! Reflecting on a decade of celebrating the goodness of God in and through our church, our staff and I are overwhelmed with gratitude and awe. The magnitude of Jesus' impact over the last decade on us really goes beyond words.

On October 28, 2012 - Elevation Church was born, hosting our very 1st service.
In this past decade we have seen people ELEVATED to a new life Christ. EQUIPPED for His purpose. To ENGAGE culture in their sphere of influence by the mighty power of God. Born again and saved, baptized, delivered, healed and activated supernaturally by Jesus for Jesus.

Elevate. Equip. Engage.

YOU ARE INVITED to celebrate with us this weekend!

This Sunday, we go even BIGGER on the celebration in our October 30th, 9am Sunday service. There are some twists and a few surprises this Sunday morning so we encourage you to arrive a little early, and be ready to go and seated at 9am. You'll see why when you get there or if you engage the service online! You don't wanna miss this!

Sunday - Oct 30th - 10 YEAR CELEBRATION - 9am

Love you, and THANK YOU for partnering with us and HIM to advance His kingdom for His glory.

Ryan & Hope Kibbe & Elevation Church Staff

For more info about us or to contact us or give:

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